Passing of the camera

My heart was bursting the other day, when my oldest son, Everett (age 6) asked me to “borrow my camera”.  Ok, when he asked to “borrow” I might have glanced him a dirty look and then I remembered I have old trusty backup camera in a drawer in my office.  Then my glare turned to big smiles as I showed him a few basics.  How to turn it on, looking through the viewfinder, viewing the photos after taking them.. basics.  It was so fun to see what he focused the camera on, how he started to “pose” me and tell me where to look  🙂   {again, my heart bursting with excitement}

The next day he picked the camera up again and I asked him if he wanted to go outside and shoot with me for a bit.  He was SO excited!  We walked around our house, he took photos of nature.. and I of course took photos of him.  It was great seeing how he positioned his body to take a photo.. how he moved his subjects of the pumpkins around to be in the right spot he wanted them.   So fun!

After he was done taking photos, I told him, “ya know you can see those on the computer now, if you’d like”.  His eyes with excitement, almost like I just blew his mind.. So inside we went and I showed him how to “edit”.  He mostly played with the color sliders and turned all the colors to be something different.  Orange pumpkins, now hot pink.  Yellow mums, eh, he thought white looked better 😉  It didn’t really matter what he did to the photos, it was just so fun seeing him create.

So here are a few photos from our fun photoshoot together 🙂


Everett Camera 1Everett Camera 2Everett Camera 3Everett Camera 4

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